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EGR valve cracked
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I've seen post about people plugging these.Should I get another one or plug it.Do I need it and if so how much should I expect to pay for a used one?Thanks.
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It depends on if you have emssions inspections. They do help smog reduction. I took the one of my 87tc and the car runs great with out it. It also ran fine with it.
If you want a good used one let me know. I will sell you mine for a reasonable price. Say $15.00 shipped. There is nothing wrong with it.
I took it off when I changed turbos because I didn't want to mess with the egr pipe.
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New EGR from Ford is $102, but has them for around 80.

If you don't want to spend the $$$, I'd get one from the junkyard. Or, to buy used, I'm sure you can find someone to sell you one for around $10 ??? Post an ad in the wanted section here or at ...

If you want to ditch it altogether, you'll need an EGR blockoff plate and a threaded pipe plug at the exhaust manifold. Also, you'll have to cap off the vac line running the valve, or remove it altogether.

Personally, I would keep the EGR system if you need to pass emissions testing in your area.

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It's best to keep the EGR functional although some people do block them off.

I'll sell you the cast housing part for $12 + shipping. This is the cast part only, what bolts to the upper intake, you have to transfer the diaphram assy from your old one. E-mail me if interested.
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