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EGR /solenoid vac diagram needed
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I was looking at the diagram on the faq but it still seems unclear to me.I must be missing a T fitting somewhere.I was looking at the brown color on the diagram .I see the blue line going to the part that splits into the solenoid but I dont see where the egr line connects to!Also right behing the egr solenoid there is a black/red line.Looks like vac.What does this run to?Also if anyonr has a pic of the blue and green connectors I could use it.Not sure what one goes where and which way they should be facing on the vac line.Thanks
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The green side plug into the line FROM the EGR Solenoid and the black side connects to the EGR valve diaphram.

I'll try to get a picture of the EGR/overboost area in a day or so. It probably would be easier if you could look at another car. I don't think photos are going to be able to show everything.
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