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egr recall?
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How can i tell if my car has had the EGR recall? Visual or can i check online somewhere?
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You should have a small Ford recall sticker somewhere under the hood that states the recall was performed. Aside from the sticker, there will be an inline delay valve just before the vacuum connection onto the EGR.

Do you ask because you get Code 34? If the recall was performed on your engine, it generally will result in code 34 during the EEC tests, so it would be normal.

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JT... The recall delay valve seems to block vaccum completely to the EGR, or is it just really slow in opening?? Anyway I usually pull em off and toss em in the "spare parts bin".

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Back in the late 70s, early 80s, when manufacturers were trying to meet emission standards with carbs and there were miles of vac lines under the hood, delay valves were common. It was also pretty common for them to plug up, preventing the "flow of vacuum". In several applications, replacing delay valves was a part of factory scheduled regular maintanance, just like changing the oil.

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Is it okay to just bypass the recall? Would it have any effect on emissions? Could it possibly get better gas mileage after that, too? I guess it'd be putting more unburnable stuff into the intake, right?

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