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ect issues, please help, i searched
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hello, been awhile since i have been on or worked on it but here is what is going on, i have an 87 manual turbo coupe. and i am trying to make it reliable enough to drive daily, the issue i am dealing with right now is that the fans will not come on when the engine gets warm. i have done all the tests in the tech articles for the IRCM and testing the fan relay's. ran the KOEO test and they both come on and run also tried the jumping the AC high pressure line plug and the AUX fan comes on, but when the engine is hot and running they don't come on, sounds like ECT right? i replaced the ECT in the intake manifold and it still does it, however i used a aftermarket ECT not a Ford one, the old one i pulled had a brass body and this one is plastic. so here are my questions.
first off is there a way to test the ECT to see if it is functioning?
second, my EVTM and FSM for chassis electrical dasigree on where the ECT is, the EVTM says that the one on the side of the block is the input for the ECU (thus controlling the fans) and the chassis electrical FSM says the one on the side of the block is for the gauge. which is correct? cause i replaced the one in the lower intake. so did i change the wrong one?

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The one on the side of the block is for the instrument cluster gauge. This one only feeds the instrument cluster gauge and does nothing more.

The one near the fuel injectors (up on the intake) is the ECT. This inputs to the EEC and tells the EEC the engine temperature. This one has a role in cooling fans operation since the ECT is what commands the cooling fans.

One thing to note is there's a rubber elbow hose that can get blockage, which can cause flow disruption. If this happens, the cooling fans may not operate correctly as the ECT may not get a proper reading on the engine coolant in that case.

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that's what i thought, stupid FSM lol.
hey thanks about the coolant blockage, man i had not even thought of that, forest through the trees and all that.
is their a way to check the ECT for proper operation? anybody know?
i don't get off till 5AM but i might go have a look at it after work, see bout a hose being blocked or kinked.
didn't some 2.3 come with the ECT in the actual hose somewhere, like the lower radiator hose or something, think it was a ranger?
any input about converting to this? and what year and model it was.

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I don't believe any TC had a ECT anywhere but between #2 & #3 injectors...

I had a '87 TC that ran poorly and had fan issues, the almost new plastic ECT was bad... I'm now untrusting of those...
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Phil, I sent you a PM. I'm with Tom, I had a bad ecxperience with the plastic replacements. That is one where I buy the Ford part now.
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I got one from autozoo that's metal. Its been working just fine for the last few months.
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I got mine from rockauto when I ordered tuneup parts.

Yes there is a test you can perform on the ECT, from this site here:
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I got a brass one from NAPA for a few bucks, hasn't given me any trouble and its been over a year. It did however make my cooling fans work again and my gas mileage improved a little as well.
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Once again the ECT should only be used to send info to the ecm. It should not be relied on to controll the fan on off cycles. The factory on off times are way to hot. I posted several times on this subject and the procedure to bypass the on time controll of the fans. GET THE FANS CONTROLL OUT OF THE ECM. This is a simple setup and can save an engine from a sereyous overheat problem. The factory ford ECT should be the only part you use. I really dont like sensors other than oem ones. My dad always told me never keep all your eggs in one basket. The fan controll is one system that should have its own controll circuit. Its an easy mod and it works great. TOM Big Grin

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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
Phil, I sent you a PM. I'm with Tom, I had a bad ecxperience with the plastic replacements. That is one where I buy the Ford part now.
never got a PM...

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