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Will an E3 with a good port job flow as well as a ported E6? Is there some other andvantage to the E6?

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The E-3 is not as beefy a casting. You would not be able to port it as much as you can an E-6. It is also very prone to cracking and would be even more so if you ported it. Don't waste your time and money, get an E-6

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The newer E6 flows better due to the more tubular design. Ford redesigned it due cracking and flow.

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I posted this question over on TurboFord a few months back. here are the replies I got ...

"It all depends. The differences between horsepower using the E3 or the E6 are quite small. I've had a new E6 on the shelf for a year now. I haven't changed it because the E3 on the engine still works. If I was racing, where every little bit helps, I would use the E6 for sure. I wouldn't port an E3, because if I have to pull the manifold off, I'd just get an E6 and port it."

"People have claimed the E6 is worth 6-7 HP. I don't know but I do know that when you look at them side by side there is a HUGE difference in the opening's. The E6 sure looks like it flows a lot more but looks aren't everything. Still Ford changed the damn thing for some reason.... BTW-I've got E6's on both of my 2.3t's"

"Dont forget the E3 weighs 3lbs more then the E6 just my .02"

hope this helps.

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