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Dyeing the interior (without the spray can stuff)
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I recently re-dyed my interior, sadly, I did not take any before and after shots but thought I would share what I did since it turned out so well. (I don't think that this will work for completely changing the color of your interior, but freshening up and recoloring your original stuff is the plan) You will need:

Large bucket
2 Spray bottles
2 boxes of Rit Fabric Dye (Navy Blue and black)- For raven interior (yours may be different)
Numerous towels
Simple green cleaner
Interior brush

1. Pull out seats and any panel that you plan to dye, use interior brush and simple green to completely clean well (let dry)
2. Brush the fabric of the seats up so that the dye can coat well, and use one spray bottle filled with plain water to mist the entire seat or panel so that it is damp and will easliy take the dye.
3. Fill your bucket with hot water and soap/cleaner to quickly wipe away any overspray.
4. Mix 1/2 pack of each color of dye in a spray bottle and (1/2 dark blue and 1/2 black- I found that this is a very very close match and looks great on raven interior.) Fill with very hot water and shake hard.
5. Carefully mist/spray the seats and panels that you want to dye

let the dye dry for a few mins and gently rub the seats with a dry towel to even out the dye.
For vinyl panels/parts, I liberally spray the part and lightly wiped/spread the dye even.

Put everything in the sun and let it dry for several hours.

Once everything is dry, it looks great and is permenant. I thought it would rub off or bleed but once spread out even and dried it looks great and stays put.

Hope this helps some of you.

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how about pics of the finished product. I would love to see the outcome

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Yea, post some pics.
Pete Dunham


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sure, its raining like the apocalypse at the moment but I will take some when it clears. Should also add the warning -If this stuff gets on your clothes its stays!! Wear old clothes cause this stuff is permanent dye. May want some gloves too, unless you like tie-dye hands....

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here are some pics... sorry about the cell phone pics.. only thing I had to take pics. The seats and interior were BADLY faded before this...

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Heck interior aside. That's one nice looling TC. I really like the 93 cobra wheels. Are those 4 or 5bolt? Iirc 4 bolt.

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