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driving without TPS
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As many do, I also had a problem with a crazy idle. Up to 1500, back to 1000, back up to 1700, ect...
I have unplugged the TPS until I can afford a multimeter and of course another TPS. Ive been driving like this for the past couple weeks and the only adverse effect I can tell is sometimes(1 out of 10 times) the idle will drop low and stall. My mileage is still at 23MPG, power is there, nothing has changed from when it was plugged in. Im tempted to just leave it and get a TPS whenever since its behaving so well, but I want to make sure Im not slowly damaging my motor by doing this. Any input? Thanks!
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Not sure on this, but my guess is that no TPS input will be interpreted by the PCM as a major problem (TPS is a major input to the PCM) and the PCM will go into FMEM mode (limp home mode). Check ignition timing with SPOUT in. If timing is 10 deg over base (20 deg is base is set to 10 deg) and doesnt change with RPM or load, then PCM is in FMEM mode. The engine will run, but no where near at its full potential if it is in FMEM mode.
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I'm not sure about the limp in mode, the EEC may have an alternative strategy for dealing with the lack of TPS, but leaving it disconnected is not going to damage anything.
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Try just disconnecting the IAC instead. My 87 had the same problem so just fooling around I did that and then adjusted the idle with the screw and it idled perfect although it would drop a couple hundred rpms when cold. I cleaned the IAC and the idle was great after that when I connected the IAC back up.
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Just about everything the computer does is based on TPS, O2, and temperature. I don't see how the computer can possible work correctly with it.
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