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Dri Wash! waterless car wash
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Hey guys! I'm now selling Dri Wash the world's first waterless car
washing system.

My 88 TC was never taken care of before I bought it. and I mean never. I think the only time it got a bath was when it rained. At the time I didn't care because I was planning on using it for a doner car so I could build a Turbo Ranger like PSI Rangers truck. Then I fell in love with the car and ditched the Turbo Ranger idea, but the paint looked like crap. I figured that I'd repaint it anyway because I hate white cars so it never got taken care of. Then one day my dad became a distribtor for Dri Wash and I figured what the heck I'll try it and with a little time and some elbow grease it brought my paint back to life.

I started my own mobile detailing business and I'm also selling Dri Wash (I love this stuff! )

  • POWERBLAST CLASSIC (PB10) Power blast is DRI WASH 'n GUARD® CLASSIC in an aerosol can.
    $19.95 US 10 oz, $239.40 US per Case
    ($26.95 CN or Case = $323.40 CN)
  • OXYGONE® makes old, faded painted finishes look showroom
    new! It also removes hard water spotting on windows,shower doors and other surfaces, and cleans isenglas (plastic window material on jeeps, boats, older convertible tops)
    $12.95 US 8 oz ($16.95 CN)
    How to use OxyGone video

I recommend using a micro-fiber cloth to buff off Classic/Ultra-ion/Powerblast/OxyGone/Metal Polish instead of a terry cloth. You can buy them from me but they have them @ Sams/Costco alot cheaper.

To order click here and use the online store

here are some pics of dri wash at work and one of my TC.
Ranger Pic number 1

Ranger Pic number 2

TurboCoupe Pic number 1

**All Prices Are Subject To Change without notice

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more pics see my sig

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Brad, sorry but this belongs in the "Vendors Presntations and Offerings" forum;f=13

I moved it there.
Pete Dunham


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thats fine Smile

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