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Dreaded Shock Tower Rust
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I'm having the motor on my blue 88 pulled in a week since after looking at the Right shock tower it has the dreaded "Fox Chassis Rust".  Only on the right side due to salt and puddles no doubt.  Anyway, after motor comes out it goes to the frame shop for new front frame rails and tower repair. The shop its going to has a lot of experience with the Fox chassis Fords.  I've owned the car since new and its always been kept outside unfortunately. That will change soon. Anyway, I will post up pictures before and after and all, when the project gets under way. I had the car rust proofed when it was new. So 32 years not too bad. Winters here in the North East are hard on vehicles.  I'm very glad I bought the factory manuals back in 1989 since the body manual has all the measuring points. Take Care and stay safe. Remember, tough times don't last but tough people do.

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Glad to hear your getting it repaired and that you still have it after all of these years. So many cars I sold and wished I still had now. Agreed on the Northeast salt, they use it way too much around here in NY, even a light flurry and they dump it down. I hate to even drive newer vehicles they rust out so fast. I do spend a lot of time spraying FluidFilm on my winter drivers though.
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