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Drag Racing April 4th opening day - everybody should come
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Come one come all......

Hey Its opening day on April 4th Sunday 10 or 11am @ the Mid Mich Motorplex in stanton, Michigan. If the weather holds. Big if.

I'll be there in the XR7 hoping for Mid 13's with drag radials [Image: smile.gif] BFR 235/60 r15 on mustang turbines :-p

I'll be the only XR7 at the track I'm sure. I usually hang with the turbo buick guys. I have a grung match with a 86 Omni GLHS (no shit) with drag radials . Turbo 4 against turbo 4 should be fun.

I'm currently fixing the exhaust to turbo gasket blew out on the junkyard motor.
I had dentation when the alky kit blew the vacuum line, ops. The engine held at 25psi. WOW The LM1 saved me. I usually run at 12.5 afr WOT..... got to 13.5 when I let off. Its all my fault, not the system. For anyone racing a 2.3turbo its the only way to go for tuning($350). I also have an autometer afr gauge, that thing is just for show(it is pretty though). I'm going to post this at also. I hope to see another TC/XR7 (XR7 yeah right) at the track.


Trying to move up on the fastest list.
86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

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No promices, but I will try to make it too. Weekends usually mean work around the house, but I would like to meet another turbo ford guy locally.
I'm in Grand Rapids, I have a couple freinds that race over to Stanton.

The GLH wouldn't happen to be Dorr Johnson is it?

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