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Dose anybody make new rear window trim kits
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Dose anybody make new rear window trim kits ? I am replacing the rear window on an 1988 turbo coupe . I have a bear rear glass . The old trim is a two piece assembly ,one goes on the window and the outer trim snaps onto ,the one on the glass .The one off my car couldn't be saved and got screwed up and looks like hell .I know places like year one make chevy suff ? Is there a place to get new trim for Fords ? The paint job is only 2years old and it looked so nice before the kids broke the glass play-ing in the yard.

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you needed it Ken? lol sorry. Maybe try a window place. I needed gaskets for my 66 and the local guy was able to order them.

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I got the suff to so called glue it in . local glass guys a dick , guess if he can't do total job for, bucks the hell with me?

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I can see why you would not want someone without thumbs to install trim... cant imagine how it could be done really....

If anyone does have an answer, I'd be interested, I have the same issue with the trim, havent found reasonable replacements.

(its a lot funnier if you substitute the attitude description with a physical one above)
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On the 88 TC, they changed mid-year to a rubber gasket for the rear window. If you have the one with the metal trim like the 87, then there are 5 pieces total that snap into special clips around the rear glass. The clips are obsolete & unavailable from Ford as they were shipped with the Trim, which is also obsolete. There is no one who is repro'ing the trim on any TC that I'm aware of. There is not enough of a demand for it.

I just replaced my rear glass about 2 months ago & I have the metal trim for rear glass. They just glued the glass in & set the clips. I have not installed the trim yet as I was not done paining & color sanding the car.
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thanks tony guess i will have to make do

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