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door locks
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my only key is broke off in door, is it hard to change the door locks? or easier to get locksmith to make a key for them? anyone have a set of door locks with key?

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would they work from a 9th gen bird too? there r lots of cheap junkyards here with a few 8th gen birs. not turbo coupes though. just 6 and 8 bangers.

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Have you talked to a locksmith? Maybe they can get the broken piece out???????
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i checked with a locksmith and he could get it out but not make a copy of key, just make a whole new key for $125, that is why i was wondering if it was simple process to change locks out, i believ any t-bird door locks would work right? mine is an 87, so would it have to be 87 or 88?

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Virtually all the locks for the mid/late '80s Ford vehicles are the same. The earlier '80-'70s locks work as well but they use a 5 pin tumbler keyed to the trunk/hatch instead of the 10 pin keyed to the ign sw. Mainly there is just the blackout and stainless std. types and the lighted types, which do interchange(but if the car doesn't have lighted entry there will be no light operation).
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but are they difficult to replace?

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its EXTREMELY easy. i had a problem with one of my locks before.
theres a small metal piece on the inside of the door, it should be the same height as the lock. remove it. this is the retaining clip for the lock.
now pull out the lock. it may be a little tricky because of the connecting rod but it should come strait out.
if you have a lighted lock it may be a little harder but in all its an easy process. only special tool you may need is a flathead screwdriver.
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WOW!! I would get a different locksmith!! I didn't have any keys for the Code 33 TC and it only cost me $40 to have a new key made, and he even came to my house to do it! The lock pops right out, just remove the little metal tab on the inside of the door and it pops right off.

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