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Door lock actuator - rebuild info available on request
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I had typed a rather long description of how to work on an actuator, however my internet connection failed between typing and posting (ack)

During my reconstruction, I found that the drivers side actuator had failed. It appeared that one of the two leads on the motor pulled out of the housing.

When I went to the junkyard, I pulled 4 doors apart and found the same exact failure.

Not wanting to spend 120.00 on a new part I took a hour or two and figured out how to get the old unit working. It took about an hour, required a 40 cent bolt and a bit of cleaning.

Anyone interested, I can re-create the file for post, or submit for vetting as a add to the FAQs.

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Post that sucker! Better yet, add it to the FAQ's.

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Please send it to Nate at [email protected]
He will get it put up in the FAQS.

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