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Door Latch Strikers
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Just an FYI. Mustang door latch strikers will NOT work on an 88 TC. The Mustang pins are longer and bigger in diameter than the T-Bird pins. T-Bird- .450"od, Mustang- .490"od. Approximately 1/8" longer.  [Image: frown.png] Now I guess I need to find an acceptable substitute for the plastic sleeves on my original pins. 


Well, a small amount of research on my part would have quickly told me that Mustang strikers are different than T-Bird, Cougar, Taurus, etc. I compared part numbers on Rock Auto and found 2 different numbers for the Dorman strikers. Mustang striker bolts have SAE thread, T-Bird's are metric. Ordered a pair on Amazon and other than the crappy black oxide finish on the support they work great.

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i usually go to the junkyards and get ones off the back doors of crown vics
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