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Doing the swap thing again *sigh*
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Well the cylinder bores in the TC I got for $475 had a bit of rust in them from the water that had been sitting for a while so it looks like I am gonna have to pull that motor and put in my other motor. That block should be good for a rebuild... I am gonna have the car towed to my house monday and hopefully I can get the motor ready to come out by the weekend then put the clutch from the bad motor on the good motor with no clutch and bam maby I will have this car going in a month or soooo.... wish me luck guys

Also Dan E check your email man [Image: wink.gif] I sent ya my last name I hope you got it in time for the new newsletter. I have been meaning to give you a ring for a while I just cant seem to find the time for anything but work and the new TC.

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