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Does anyone run a catch can
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I have an '84 (soon to be) highly modified. '84 TC
I have a catch can on my Raptor and like it a lot (all that oil isn’t on my valves).
Does it make sense to use a catch can on a TC?  I'm not that conversant on different injection mechanisms, thus my question.
Thank You

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Hi Dale,
On the Stinger Forum, Shannon has a write up on making a catch can for both the valve cover and crankcase.
From what I understand with the catch can and breather setup you are going to at least smell oil when coming to a stop. Mine puffed smoke when I ran one off the valve cover only when coming to stop after slow driving. I took it off because I didn't like that combination. Not sure if that is the norm or something may be up with my car.
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I'll add my two-cents. You asked about injection mechanisms. For direct injection, I'm a fan of catch cans and added one to my direct injection vehicle. For the TC's, they have a catch can. The OEM system pulls blow-by out through the breather cap (which has a built-in catch can that drains back into the valve cover) and into the compressor side of the turbo. Also, since the injectors are on the intake side, the fuel washes the valves if any oil gets through. If you have major blow-by or are running super high boost, a bigger/better catch can make sense to keep the oil out of the intake. If you are running the breather to atmosphere, then you will get a messy engine bay, so a catch can can fix that too. I run the OEM system (venting to compressor side) but drilled out the bottom of the breather/catch can to make the hole bigger. I pulled the valves out of my 123k mile TC and found only minor build up on the valve stems and no build up on the back side of the valves.
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I use too but I got rid of it and just run a vent line in front of the turbo. It's nice not having to drain the tank anymore plus when on boost I'm hoping it pulls a vacuum on the engine.
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