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Does anyone know where I can find a good used cylinder head?
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I am having alot of trouble trying to locate a good used rebuildable head for my 88 TC. I would like to find one somewhat locally (I am in NC). Does anyone know where I can get one that is not cracked, and also, not previously cracked then repaired? My machinist says that repaired heads will not last. Please help!!


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A well repaired head will last awhile. I think Pete D. had a head repaired with high nickle rod and its still holding up. (chime in if Im wrong Pete). But ebay has had quite a few heads lately and shipping isnt too bad. I had one shipped to me for $28. Just make sure you dont get one for a N/A 2.3.
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I had an exhasut (E6) repaired w/ high nickle rod and ran it for 20K before selling it. I have had a head repaired but it was the intake pocket, not a valve seat or that area. Some people say it can be done if done right. There are places that can repair anything head wise but expect to pay for it. BTDT

Most heads on ebay are not checked in any way. If your lucky the seller will claim to have taken it off a running car. The cracked one you are trying to replace probably came off a "running" car also [Image: biggrin.gif]

Some people say small cracks won't hurt anything. I have no experience and no opinion,

I have several used heads around. NONE of them has been checked in any way, yet.

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At the JY, look for Fairmonts, Mustang IIs, Pintos,etc with a 2.3. Look for either a D9xx or D3xx part # cast in the "top" of the head under the valve cover. They have the "turbo" chamber, and they are less likely to be cracked since the motors only put out 80 or so HP. You might need to drill/tap one extra hole for one intake manifold bolt. The D9 and D3 heads have oval intake ports, which it is believed flow slightly better than the offical D port "turbo" head.

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