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I am still waiting for a wire harness from DL1182. I do not know if anyone else has had the same problems but until I find my parts in the mail I will not have many good things to say about him.
6 weeks later now.
He did sale at for a while.
Kerry T Brown
Got wire and all is Done.
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You guys need to see this vendor thread from the TurboFord board about this guy. Here's the link.
New TC coming soon!!!!

Poor guy doesn't stand a chance. If he would use his brain and and stop acting like a child he could get back in the forum but he is young and still learning.

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Guys go away this is not "your" board. Get a life, also if the real member of the NATO assocation shall red this please read every post over there carefully.
While reading I invite you all too count all of those involved w/ buying parts from me. There will be 3 of them, now out of that 3 only 2 had a problem w/ me, now Kenny obvestly form the first post got this parts, and the other. Yes he also got his part. Now granted they may of been late comming but they all go there part they ordered and the got a quality product, just as I had described too them all. But you must also remember that I have made many other deals w/ many more then 3 people and have come threw w/ numerus other parts hassle free. So I leave it up too you, trust me or do not trust me. I also invite you too read other postings about what they like too say about "Scammers", that is the term used too describe me over there, it is all great so you make the decision, don't let them do it for you. Also if I'm asked too leave this board I will do so with out trobles.


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Posting Freak

I have read the posts on TurboFord and I have also reviewed several posts here.

I have not personally received any complaints directly. If anyone has a personal situation that I should know about...e-mail me privately and do not post it here.

I will not judge whether you are banned from the NATO UBB based only on things that happened on the TurboFord UBB. I was not involved and do not know both sides.

However, I am aware of the situation and will tell you that you are welcome here so long as you follow the rules that everyone here must:

No threats of any kind to anyone at anytime.

Transactions between private individuals are just that. NATO is not responsible for deals that go bad...HOWEVER, repeated or intentional misrepresentation or fraud will result in the banning of posting rights of the guilty party.

If there are any situations in which that someone feels that they have been cheated then let me know. I will try to get both sides of the story and a decision on whether or not to ban someone will be made by the officers of NATO collectively (not just by me individually).

Dave, you have participated in some of the general discussion threads without incident.

If there are any situations that you need to fix by either shipping someone their mechandise or refunding their money or whatever...I would suggest that be done ASAP.

In the meantime you are still welcome at the NATO UBB so long as nothing arises that would give us the reason to ban you. But be aware that the situation is being closely watched.

I feel this is a fair position for the time being. Anyone who feels otherwise is free to let me know.

Dan Eaves
Vice Chairman, NATO

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Dan Eaves
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I can also verify through my experiences that Dave has a bad habit of reneging on deals. And although he has claimed to have my support on other sections of this board, that couldn't be further from the truth. Any of you guys that know me, know that I'm a very fair individual trying to run a class-act website. But when I hear the same thing over and over from many different people about this guy, there's got to be something to these claims. I've given him an ultimatum....we'll see if he's man enough to do the right thing.
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