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So i was driving the car to work yesterday and the car quit. No nasty sounds no miss just quit. I checked and i have no spark. I put the crank at TDC and the Cam timing is right on and i pulled the dist cap and the rotor was pointing to number 2. The rotor was not rotating with the engine. So i tried to pull the dist to see what was up and the dist is stuck. So i am thinking i broke the dist gear. Is there anything else that I need to check or anything else that i should do before i rip off the front of the engine to check the aux shaft. Any tips would be much appreciated.
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If the cam belt is not broken or belt teeth stripped off AND the distributor doesn't turn, it is the dist gear or aux gear or both. Youmight remove the cam belt and see if there is any play in the aux shaft. Even a small movement might free up the dist for removal
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