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Distributer Gear Issues
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I seem to remember a lot of random conversation about when the dis gear shears off and you replace it to have it happen again. I was wonder what is the current knowledge on it because I have found another TC but that is what has happened. I had a TC do this and was never able to fix it.
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I've read several threads about this topic too.
I recall the following:

* NEVER STAIN THE OIL PUMP-Always use oil thats not excessively thick such as 20w-50. I run Ford Diesel 15w-40 personally. Even with that weight ALWAYS let your engine warm up 5+ minutes on cold start.

* Never replace the oil pump with a High Volume Pump. Its harder to pump/ puts more stain on the gear.

* Try to use oil that contains Zinc (Diesel Oil has Zinc most the time).

*Don't rev the engine too hard when first warming up. I usually wait atleast 30 mins of driving/leaving the driveway.

*Worn Out Distributors/Up and down play can cause mis-alignment issues. I've read some people shim the distributor at the mounting surface with a piece as thick as a breakfast cereal box cardboard. One guy actually used a piece of card board from a cereal box cut to shape.

* When replacing the gear buy a brass gear. Preferably you should replace both/ get a matching set/Junk yard/Mustangs/Rangers/Areostars.


I'm sure I left something out but maybe someone else will chime in.

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The problem can also occur or be contributed to by a worn or loose aux shaft. I've heard of a case where the aux shaft retaining plate came loose allowing the aux shaft to walk. You also need to clean out or replace the oil pump. It only takes a small particle to bind up the pump causing the gears to strip. Failure to adequately clean the engine will result in a repeat performance of stripped gears. If the dizzy gear is toast, the aux shaft gear may be also, so check that to. That has been posted many time on this and other boards
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