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Dim Headlight Fix
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Dim headlamp fix

Well, one of the best ways to save your yellowed headlamps is to apply a Plastic Cleaner (3M# 051131-39017) followed with a Plastic Polish (3M# 051131-39010) but if your headlamps are too far beyond, then consider following Kathy and Don's instructions below. They will help walk you through the replacement of your Genuine Ford Replacement Headlamps. Kathy and Don can be reached at [email protected] if you have a specific question regarding this procedure.

87-88 Thunderbirds: To see or not to see (at night!)

We have a 1988 Thunderbird Sport 5.0. I replaced the old yellowed/fogged/moisture filled headlights last summer and what a difference it has made. The headlights are still available from Ford, part numbers are: (E7SZ-13007-A) and (E7SZ-13007-B) and the list price is only $44.77 ea. (don't let anyone tell you otherwise, the stories of a hundred + dollars each borders on maximum greed at its lowest).
To replace the lights, pull the halogen headlight bulb out of the back of the lamp (don't loosen the screw on retainer lock) and remove the in-board parking lamp (between headlight and grille). If headlight alignment is OK, there is no need to TOUCH THE ADJUSTOR SCREWS AT ALL, just release the mounting bolts behind the header panel, undo the lamp and pull the whole headlamp and adjuster unit out in one piece. If you have examined the assembly, and noticed that the adjuster screws need replacement, here are the part numbers for those pieces:

(2 for each headlamp)#E7SZ-13032-C ($5.44 ea.)
(1 for each headlamp)#E7SZ-13032-D ($5.41 ea.)

IT IS NOT ECONOMICAL TO BUY THE WHOLE HEADLAMP ASSEMBLY, since it will end up being more expensive than purchasing these parts separately. To continue, you will see 3 twist locks on the back of the adjuster panel. Turn them to open (they are hard to turn, brittle, and may need replacement!) and the old fogged/yellowed/moisture filled plastic headlamp will separate from the adjuster plate. Re-install the new headlamp on the adjuster plate, twist the locks closed and bolt the unit in place. Re-install inner marker light and check the headlamp alignment and you can see at night again!
It's a very easy, reasonable and smart project to be able see again in the dark!

contributed by Kathy and Don Holton, 1997

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