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DEBATING to sell my 5.0 Sport. Opinions please...
Ryan50 Offline
I have Had my 87 5.0 sport for going on 3 years now. I bought it for one grand and rebuilt the thing with my dad. From tearing the motor and trans out and scrapping that old beat up 5 liter to getting another one with only 80k on it. Dad and I tore that motor apart and put new bearings, gaskets, and seals in it. Unfortunately I didnt have the money to put an HO set-up on it at the time. Got it all back together and got the exhaust from the All-Ford Columbus swap meet. Still remember the day I drove it to the exhaust shop to modify the Fox Mustang cat-back to fit my car and had only the H-pipe on it at the time. Was really wishing I could keep it like that. Sounded Awesome!! As you can see I have a lot of memories with this car and intended it to be my teenage HotRod that I would keep to hand off to my son in the future. What do you think guys, should I get rid of it? And no I do not have any certain reason to get rid of it except I'm kind of strapped for cash at the moment but, it is basically winter and will be parked Very Shortly!

Thanks for any input.

Pete D Offline
We can get real attached to certain cars, I know I have. It sounds like you want to keep it. Maybe need a plan B?
Pete Dunham


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I agree with Pete, when it's gone it's gone. I have let to many go and wished I had kept. Hang on to it until you are sure you want to part with it. Park it for a while if you need too.

just my thought, Ricky
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My first car was a '57 Ford station wagon(surf-mobile), sold it a year after buying it and have never missed it(I miss my Diesel Olds Sta Wgn more)... Next two were less than memorable as well, but my 4th ride was a '64 Galaxie 500 fastback I swapped to 390 and 4-speed, I still miss that one... 6th is my '69 428 Cobra Jet Fairlane, I'm gonna be buried in that one(we're coming up on a 40 year anniversary, she's getting a front end rebuild and adding power steering)...

I just bought a set of Weld wheels and a fresh AOD for my Bird that came from a friend who parted out his 5.0 Bird(swapped from 3.8)... Was his first car owned approx 10-12 years, said he was tired of it setting around and is using the money to upgrade his '65 Nova... The Birdie & I have passed 15 years, guess I'm gonna keep her awhile longer... Going to tag her as antique and flog her a bit more at the drag strip running a carbed 331...

The Marauder is a sweet ride but we've never really bonded, will be finding it a new home soon...
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I had an 84 TC my dad bought me when I was like 13. I guess technically that was my first vehicle. But I lost interest because we werent getting anything done on it, I decided to get rid of it. I was saving money for quite a while and had like 1200 bucks saved up by the time I was 15. Always was a truck person and found a 93 f150 4wd extended cab shortbed 351. Exactly the truck I wanted. Got the guy down to 1200 bucks and got it home. Drove that all through high school. Graduated then about 6 months later sold it for 1700 bucks and bought my tbird I have now. Bought the bird at 19 and I am 22 now. I know I'll miss this car if I get rid of it.

Jeff K Offline
Keep it. The Sports are much more rare than the TCs are. Me and my 86 Tbird 5.0 are going on 27 years together. I will never sell it.
Jeff Korn

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Keep It. Many others have gotten rid of thier bird and then regretted it. And have gone as far as trying to find it again in the hopes of buying it back.There is a member on here that considers selling his tc about every 4 months and I always tell him, "I'll give you $200 for it". He then comes back to reality and always ends up keepin it.
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I agree with TurboCoupe50. My dream car was a 69 Torino Fastback 428CJ Ram Air. I bought one in 78 and picked up my wife for our first date in it. Still have the car and still have the wife. Never regretted either one. Smile Keep the Bird!!
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Sounds like you should keep it. Even if you sold it chances are you won't get much for it anyway. If you sold it and said that money could buy your dream car, that would be the only reason I'd say sell it... and I doubt that's the case. Doesn't cost that much to keep, costs a lot to replace! If you need an excuse, keep it as a backup vehicle in case something goes wrong with your daily driver!
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Definitely keep it. You will regret selling it, and wish you still had it in your stable later on. I've been there before with other cars, and I know how it ends up. I've thought about selling my Bird before, but I know for sure now that I would regret it, and eventually end up trying to find another one, like I'm doing now with my first car that I drove in high school, which was a '67 Fairlane. Had alot of fun times in that car, same with the T-Bird. I tend to remember those times when I think about selling the Bird. It make me all nostalgic for the past, and basically ensures that I will never sell the car regardless of how much **** it gives me, or how much money it costs me.
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