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Dash Vents
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The Dash Vents on the TC can be adjusted to control the amount of air that flows through the particular vent. To do this the thumbwheel on the top of each vent (and to the side of the vent over the glove box) opens/closes an air door inside of the vent.

The doors have a seal that with time turns into a tarry mess. You will know when this has happened as some of it will one day blow out of the vent and when you pick it up it will almost immediately disolve into a little tar-like goo.
Once these seals are gone you cannot really shut off the air to the vent, only limit the amount that comes out.

I fixed this in two of my TCs with inexpensive house A/C filter foam that I purchased at ACE hardware. It is 1/4" foam filter, grey in color and comes in a folded sheet. All one has to do is pull the plastic dash piece that contains the vents, and gently remove the inner door. BECAREFUL as old plastic can be brittle. Once you have the door out, clean the old seal out of the groove and cut a piece of the A/C foam slightly larger than the air door. Then fold the foam in 1/2 long ways and cut a slit in the middle to allow you to stretch the foam over the door and settle in the groove. Do final triming on the outside edges, snap the door back into the dash and voila, working vents.

I have not done this with the vent over the glove box because I've yet to determine how to get the vent out of the dash.
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Good tech advise, Kevin! We should take this post and put it in the tech articles section.
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