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Dash Board protection
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after completeing my dahs board change over , what can i use to protect hsi one fromt he sun, other then cpvering it?
it doesnt has eits shien back yet, its been soaking up the armor wipes liek crazy, and i knwo they are good for protection agaist UV rays.
anythign i should use to help?
im going to ask a Auto detailer near me for advice, but want to ask you guys for a specific product that you have used and foudn effective

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Did you get ArmorAll on your typing fingers? [Image: smile.gif]
I've read somewhere that people have used a light coat of vaseline. I never tried it though. I garage my TC and use a windshield sunscreen when it sits out. The dash still looks like new. I have a 77 Dodge van that sits outside 24/7, is never treated and doesn't have a blemish any where on the dash. Go figure.
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I use Meguiars Vinyl and Rubber Protetorant.
I've read a couple different articles that say Armorall is actually bad for vinyl in the long run or at least not the best thing out there. I've looked for the links to those articles and I don't have them anymore.
See the last paragraph on the Detailing article in the Tech Articles for a recommendation on an alternative.

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I hope that the meguires does the job, as I have just repaced my dash also, and I dont need that headache for some time to come.
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pete's right, armorall is bad for actually does protect against the sun, but it wil eventually make you dash crack. Meguires is the best stuff to use, I just tried out the Meguires dash foam, and it covrs better than the wipes, lasts longer, and it also smells nice. I've found that the meguires wipes are a bit too greasy.

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