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Cylinder presure results
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I checked my cylinder presure today and they were as follows.

#1 175
#2 175
#3 170
#4 175

These numbers seem high to me. According to my manual the compression should be 8:1 and in my 65 mustang with 10.5:1 the presure is 180-185. Are these numbers normal? The test was conducted with all spark plugs out and the throttle wide open.

Also my oil presure is 54 PSI at idle and 62 PSI at 2000 RPM. The engine has 104000 on it so I'm thinking it is in pretty good shape, what do you guys think? I think it's time to turn up the boost!
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In a stroke of freakish coincidence, I also ran a compression test on my engine today with the following results:
Cyl 1 - 157
Cyl 2 - 160
Cyl 3 - 159
Cyl 4 - 160

I also recall reading a previous post that stated anything above 145 might indicate a problem, but when I questioned my father (who was building race engines before I was born), he said it's the 200+ psi range that might indicate a problem.

If anything, I think you just have an extremely tight engine. Now to have some fun with it [Image: smile.gif]
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