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Cylinder Head Replacement and Modifcation
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Hi guys,
I'm looking into building a new head for me car. I plan on porting it and getting it cut for bigger valves. As well as adding a more aggressive cam.

Since turbo coupe heads seem to be a rarity is it possible
to use another 2.3L head off of a mustang, ranger, or something else. Also what years would work for 87-88.
88 Turbo Bird 5 spd no mods

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Here are a couple articles worth reading if you haven't already done so. These are several years old but still applicable:

Many people run the N/A head for lack of real turbo heads.
Also note the discussion on big exhaust/stock intake valves. I haven't tried it yet but may do it on a virgin turbo head I have.
It does leave more material between the valves.

There is an early head (late 70s, I think) that has a D shaped combustion chamber (sometimes referred as the oval port head.) I've heard it can be made to match the flow of the turbo head. Look around in the archives over at Turbo Ford for some posts on flow results. You would have to drill and tap onen hole at #1 cylinder for the 87-88 lower intake manifold to bolt up, pretty easy.
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