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aight so the other night i was driving around kinda late and was on the highway so i desided to give her a good shake down and i run her up to a good 100+ and then pushed the clutch in and watched the tech drop to zero ... car just shut off ?? any ideas of what this might be .. cold air, boost controller set to about 16-17 (factory gauge) and cut exhaust .. but i had it happen before i cut the exhaust to

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How's the no power steering at 100? Glad those brakes aren't vacuum assist?

It shouldn't stall. Have you pulled the codes, checked for vacuum leaks, cleaned the IAC. Had idle/stall problems under any other conditions?
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Did the car immediately restart with no problems?

One possibility is the IAC is dirty. IAC also performs a dashpot function.

The PCM programming runs the motor really rich at WOT. If it started back up right away, it could be that it was sooo rich when you pushed in the clutch that it just died, especially if you have an AFPR and are running higher than stock fuel pressure.
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