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Curious why so much?
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Can anyone enlighten me as to why this group of parts would go for $162.50 on ebay?

Is it the molding?

I'm just curious more than anything.

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If it is the moulding, I have two of those on my car right now that I would gladly trade for ones WITHOUT the lighting hole in them.

I don't know why that group of parts would be so expensive. I would guess the shift knob, but it looks to be in terrible condition.
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hell thats easy... the guy is on crack, and is tring to make enough money for his next hit.

Plain and simple. that whole pile isnt worth more then $20
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I got to agree, there isn't anything there worth that much.
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The only things that would be worth anything are the dash surround, and the lock buttons.

The non-TC guys use those dash bezels to put a full console in their car.
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