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Cracked block or cracked head?
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Which one would be more likely after an overheat situation?I tore my whole top end apart yesterday and replaced the head gasket and did not notice any damage to the old gasket.I got it all put back together with no change.It runs OK but when I stop at a light or idle it smokes BAD,then when I take off again it clears up.When I had the head out on the bench,I checked visually for cracks but could not find any,where else could the water be getting in?Any ideas?The smoke coming out really doesnt smell like anti-freeze to me,or oil or fuel for that matter,so I guess that doesn't mean much.Not sure where to look next. [Image: frown.gif]

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I think the head is more prone to cracking than the block. Overheating could warp either. Crack are not always going to be visible to the naked eye. Some may not open up until the engine warms up. Any sign of air in the coolant, water in the oil or oil in the water? Did you check the head for flatness? same with the block. I would get the head both pressure checked and magnafluxed, along with flatness checked

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the fact that it smokes when idleing or at low rpm would indicate that it is drawing in oil because of the vacuum.
my first thought is the oil seala and/or the valve guides.

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