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Correct cylinder pressure?
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What kind of PSI should I get when I do a compression test on my 2.3 turbo? Also is there some special way to do it on a fuel injected car? Guess I can't stick a screw driver down the carb to keep the blades open! Thanks
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Depending on year remove the I/C or the tube to the throttle body, and find a way to block the throttle plate open. make sure you allow 6 compression strokes on each cylinder. Ideally you should hope to see 120 to 150+ in each cylinder. Ford spec is the lowest cylinder should be 75% of the highest. I think that's way to loose. It would allow 140 in the highest (for example) and 101 in the lowest. Personaly I would want to see then all within 10 to 15 psi.

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