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cooling fans
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when i first bought my tc i noticed the temp was rising all the time. so i checked the fans and only 1 was working. so i switched the plugs from the to fans over and the other one would run and the one that ran b4 didn't. so i cut the wires and connected the wires that made the fans run together.both fans work now but i found out they are on the secondary fan switch. it usually drives fine but sometimes in the city it gets to hot. my friend lewis looked at it and told me to switch the pins in the little black box to primary fan. so i put 7-1 and 6-2. started the car and let it warm up. the fans didn't come on. so i put the wires back to the secondary fan switch and the turned on. what would cause the primary fans not to work? (besides not being used now)

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sorry i forgot to add it's an 87 auto

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Why don't you do the "Cooling Fan Test" under
Heat/Cool in the FAQs.

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