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Coolant Temp Sensor Relocation Stuff
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Just thought I would share my recent findings for those who want to relocate their ECT Sensor. The T-housing is from 93-97 Ford Ranger 2.3L & 95-96 E350/460 cubic inch (7.5L I think?). Its got a longer neck but I like the idea. It may fit with a different hose, who knows. Next, is the Heater Core Fitting which is from a 93-97 Ranger 2.3L as well. It sure looks better than the Home Depot rig I made.
Last, here is another way to supply the Oil Cooler. This one is from Speedway Motors. Its called Hot Head and is expensive. Do a Google search for some other prices. This is what mine looks like, except I custom made my own out of stainless steel. It simply attaches to the lower Radiator Hose. Cool right ?

FYI: I relocated my stuff because I wanted to delete the metal coolant lines. Also, I plan on installing the Phenolic Spacers and some point. Hope this helps.

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T.C:87 5 speed
HOLSET(HE341/HY35W type-D),255 Walbro, No intercooler yet,8lbs boost,Timing @ 9,Low& C.C Plates & SN-95 Bumpsteer Kit, KYB-AGX Struts,Belt driven fan,Custom oil cooler feed,Relocated ECT,Relocated TFI,N/A Hood, showing 178K

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