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Coolant system?
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After replacing a faulty thermostat and flushing the system, the car still won't warm up to normal operating temp when I'm out on the highway. Can these engines get a bubble in the system if they're not flushed properly?

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Most definately. I usually run the system with the radiator cap off for about 15-20 minutes. As the system draws the coolant down, I fill the radiator really slow to prevent the air pocket. My car burps just like I do when I drink too much beer too fast. [Image: tongue.gif]

Your problem may also be a clogged heater core. Are you sure water flows thru the core and not trickle out slowly? Your water pump may aslo be the culprit -it may be bad as well by not pumping enough water thru the system. just need to rule out all possabilities

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