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i was looking at this picture recently.. and realized how much easier it would be to use that intake over the rotated intake for hookin' up a front mount IC, and it surely couldn't hurt performance, but i then realized that it doesn't have an alternator, so i think to myself "i don't have an AC, maybe i could just custom mount the alternater down there" of course this will probably never come of anything.. but i was just thinkin'..
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that actually sounds like a pretty good idea.. it would definately solve a lot of space issues to custom mount the alternator down there!

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That exact intake(Esslinger fuel injection manifold #2728.1) is only available for the aluminum head. The bolt pattern is different. Maybe you could modify the stock lower to work the same way. Some of Esslinger's Weber manifolds for the iron head might also work. Scott Ressler was planning on moving his alternator to the old A/C spto for his rotated upper and clearence.

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