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computer woes..........
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ok, i get my fuel pressure problem fixed, it was a combonation problem. regulater and hoses inside gas tank leaked. so i get it running im going down the highway. i shift into 4th and it kills. i manage to get it restarted, i drive again get off the highway. shift into fourth. it kills. and wont start again. so i check everything, pressure at the rail spark. the problem is none of the injectors will inject fuel. i can dump gas in the thottle and get it to run for a little while.

i haven't checked for any codes but will, i probly should've waited b4 posting but im really bored right now. and my freind w/the scan tool aint gonna be around for a while.

another thing is, the speedo and tach started going crazy just after it killed. any thouhgts/theroys would be great, also when im in key on, i can here a humming in that computer thingy kinda by the boost control solenoid

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The humming sounds like it's coming from the IRCM - integrated realy control module. It contains 5 relays: 2 for the cooling fans, 1 power realy for the EEC, 1 for the fuel pump and 1 for the AC clutch if I remember right.

The Tach and speedo use the same fuse. Sometimes when the speedo gets jumpy it's a sign of alternater/charging problems.

The injectors won't fire unless the EEC gets a signal from the distributor. See "Diagnosing No Start Conditions" under Common Problems in the FAQS If you got a paper clip and a CEL you can pull the codes
Pete Dunham


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thanks, pete somehow you allways come through in the clutch

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