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computer and injecters
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my car has had quite a history, its very first owner went nuts with mods (ported everything, bored and stroked), that engine ended up blowing and a new one was put in 30,000 ago. My car now has the '87 computer, but green injecters. some goofy shop in blaine did the work.

so my question is, would the '87 computer match green injecters, or did this shop in blaine piggy back the comp. or something like that. i will be getting new injecters this summer. if they did modify the computer, it would be nice to know so that it doesnt screw with the new injectors when i get them. '87's should have an LA2 shouldn't they?

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It should have an LA or LB computer (depending on whether it is an auto or manual,) and brown injectors. You may be running lean if you have the wrong computer, and that is a bad thing, a possibly very expensive bad thing. I would check to make sure I have the right computer if I were you, and if so, change the engine back to brown top injectors.

Hope this helps.

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