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Compressor Clutch
When i turn my air conditioner on the clutch doesnt kick on, But if I run jumper wires to the compressor then it will engage, i also did the same with the pressure switch, what do you think the problem could be. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the ac?

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The wiring diagram is in the EVTM. I have an 86 EVTM, others have other years. I think the A/C is wired pretty much the same on all of them, though.

If jumpering the pressure switch (sticking a wire across the terminals to close the circuit) engages the clutch, it sounds like you have low pressure in the system. If you are still running R12, it is time to seriously consider switching.

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The pressure is ok, that was my mistake i didn't jump the pressure switch, but when i checked how much power was going to the press. switch and the compressor it was only 12 ,3 volts, so it is getting restiance somewhere, it is either in the switch on the dash or somewhere in the fuse board, but everything that is on that circuit is working fine.

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