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compressing rear brake caliper pistons
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Im doing a rear brake job on the TC and have already had to replace the drivers side rear caliper due to the piston not compressing back in. Now Ive gotten to the passengers side and the piston wont move either. Is there some kind of trick with ABS equipped cars(my first brake job on an ABS car) or is this piston just stuck too? Please advise asap.
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You use a pair of needle nose pliers in the grooves on the pistons to "screw" them back in while applying pressure. Just watch your fingers if the pliers slip! It helps to take the bleeder loose and just bleed them afterwards. There is a special tool that makes this job simple but its rather expensive for a set of them.
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they screw in
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Like has already been stated, push and screw and they'll retract. Don't know about the "expensive" tool, but the cheap one I bought didn't fit the grooves without modification.

Good luck!

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