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Cold Air Induction Install
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Cold air induction for 87-88 TC's
3/12/00 by Bob Penland

This is a simple modification that goes along with the K&N cone filter especially well.  It solves the problem of the cone only drawing in hot air from inside the engine compartment.

Materials                                                                Cost
Dryer hose, 6' x 4" diameter [flexible aluminum type prefferable] $5.99
4" to 6" ducting adapter                                                     $7.38
Foil tape                                                                         $3.49

I found all of this in the heating section of Home Depot.

There are a series of holes in the nose pointing towards the ground, these are for air pickup to go into the radiator.  The black plastic piece running horizontally on the bottom of the nose it to provide pressurized air to the nose cavity; thus cooling the car.  We are going to tap into this

Instructions for installing ducting:

   1: Open hood [don't laugh, some people would get stumped here Smile]
   2: Feed hose into the nose cavity in front of the radiator


  3: Snake one end up to oval shaped hole next to the K&N cone.  Make sure not to have any kinks in the hose.
  4: Using the foil tape, affix the hose to the oval opening in the frame, pointing as strait as possible at the cone.


  5: You must slightly bend the 4" - 6" adapter to fit it in between the bumper cover and the frame.  After it's in bend it back to size.
  6: Using the foil tape, affix the adapter to the other end of the hose in the nose cavity.  This will serve as the cold air pick-up.


7: Place the hose adapter in one of the largest holes towards the center prefferably the one to the passenger side so the air doesn't have to travel that far.
8: The 6" opening is almost a perfect fit, if it wasn't a circle. So using the foil tape underneath the car, tape the adapter to nose, sealing up any holes between the adapter and the plastic.

There you have it, simple cold air induction. Hope that helps you all.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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