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I've been thinking for some time that my rear is sagging more than the front.
The car that is [Image: biggrin.gif]

I decided to call them this morning like Retired 56 did, and also spoke to Dave. First, he is totally aware of the publicity of here at Nato. He also remembers Retired 56 calling him with my SAME problem. I bought the springs almost a YEAR ago and they were still able to find my receipt. He assured me the set up is for our cars, and not generic for a V8 or whatever. He described to me how to cut them, but I was more concerned that it may be a problem with his calculations on initial production, how many other people would have to do this?? We talked about the difference in stiffness between the front and back, and wheather or not I had new shocks. Right away he offered to ship me another set of springs a bit shorter than the ones I have (a year later!), he said I didn't sound too happy about cutting them (I wasn't). I decided I'd try to cut them since they have to come out anyway and he told me exactly how to measure them and told me to not hesitate at all to call him if I had problems or questions. He is also going to re-do his calculations so this problem for other turbotbird buyers doesn't happen. I'm very happy with the springs otherwise and after this totally reccommend anyone who's looking to try.

edit: This probably belongs in the vendor forum, but I wanted to share since they pretty much are the only place to get aftermarket springs made to order. Please move if you need to.

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