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coil spring replacement
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hi i was planning on swappin out the front spring in my 87tc. im only 19 and have never done this yet and was wondering if its somithing u can do with a limited supply of tools (wrachet set and floor jack) and if i would need to bring the car in for a front end alingment if this was done. i know its dangrous to remove them with out some sort of spring clamps. but would a chain around the spring and jack work?
thanks alot
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Don't do it!

Seriously, you need to hit up the Zone, or Adavanced and see if they will rent you a set of spring compressors to do this job. Once compressed, they are like a loaded gun with a hair trigger.

I've seen people get messed playing with springs, so you'll want to be very cautious. I wouldn't do that job without an impact and spring compressors, but that's just me.

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I've done it several times on fox bodies, as well as F-Bodies, and some older iron. It can be done without special tools. I would strongly suggest you do it when you have ALOT of time to spend on it. If you get in a rush, that is when steps get skipped, and people get hurt or worse. Place the a REAL floor jack under the control arm, and a good sized chain around the spring AND the lower control arm. PLace a lock or a 1.2 inch bolt through the links of the chain so it is very tight or snug around the spring and control arm. That'll keep it from flying out. SLOWLY lower the jack, trying to stay as far out of the wheelwell as possible, and you should be good. I can't stress enough that you should take your time. I have only ever done this when it was necessary because A) I didn't have anyway to get to tool rental joint, or B) I was helping out a neighbor who was in a similar jam. If you have easy access to a parts store or a tool shop, I would too suggest getting one if it stays in your budget for the job. Nothing wrong with removing as many possiblities for danger as possible.

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Removing them is fairly easy with a small trolley jack. You just have to undo the nut at the top of the strut and let it out slowly to relieve spring pressure with the jack under the lower control arm.

Getting stock springs back in would be a little harder and I recommend having them banded by a spring shop. This is the easiest and probably cheapest too.

If you are putting lowering springs in they usually are short enough that they pop back in without much hassle.
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Lube on the spring clamp threads helps too. Helped Bro in law do his - Dry threads where chewed when done- threw the clamp away- more cash in the trash- live and learn

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Here is the link to my page. It has pics of the tool specified in the Helms manual and the page from the book to remove and reinstall the front coil springs. I fabricated the tool myself with pieces parts from Lowes and it made it so much easier. Please don't use chains or any other contraption that requires you to hide behind a safety barrier just to remove the spring.
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