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Codes I pulled up. Need Help
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I ran codes today because I get the check engine light coming up when my idle drops below 1000rpm. As soon as I rev it up the light goes out. Occasionally the car just shuts off.

I also have this problem with the check brake lights coming on when I hit the brakes. I have brake and they work well, but the lights come on when I hit the brakes and go off about a second later. When I hit the brakes I also get a humming noise.

Here are the codes and the information I pulled
up for the codes.
*I got no KOEO, but I did get KOER codes

Code 21- ECT sensor out of range(should be 180F to 230F)
Code 75- BOO circuit shorted to power
Code 77- EEC failed to recognize WOT, must be above 3000 RPM, TPS greater than 3.5v and VAF greater than 2.0v change. This is a common operator induced code. Retest

What are the possible ways to fix these problems and what problems do they cause. Thanks
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Brakes: 99.9% chance the accumulator is blown.

Code 21: was the motor fully warmed up when you ran KOER? I doubt the ECT is the problem, since the CEL only lights up under specific conditions, like idle.

Code 75: Did you have your foot on the brake the whole time during the test? To avoid false BOO codes, all you need to do is tap the brake at the dynamic response code.

Code 77: Did you do the WOT goose at the dynamic response code?

You said no KOEO codes, but did you let the test complete and also output the CM codes? If the CEL comes on for more than a second or so, it will for sure store a CM code. Remember that if you exit the KOEO test while codes are being outputted, the CM codes are erased, so you will have to drive it again until CEL caome on, and then rerun the KOEO test to get the CM code(s).
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