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Clutch question
TheBullSchmidt Offline
ok i have an 88 tc i did a 5 speed conversion used a tc t5 a 4 cylinder mustang bell housing, clutch, and preassure plate. i used a summit racing adjustable clutch cable and billet clutch quadrant. now the issue im wondering about is im in need of a new clutch can i order a stock replacement 88 TC clutch n preasure plate kit and just swap it in? if my memory serves me correctly stock tc was a hydrolic clutch or am i wrong?
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I wouldn't think it would make a difference because the only thing different is the fork
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TheBullSchmidt Offline
being that one is hydrolic and one is cable clutch would the preassure plates be any different and if they were could i use the stronger tc clutch with the mustang preassure plate?
1988 T-Bird TC auto, all stock

Not B Anymore Offline
Yes the 87-88 used a hydraulic clutch. 83-86 was non-hydraulic. Both systems use the exact same clutch disk/pressure plate though. I'm not sure if the Mustang pressure plate would be different than the TC pressure plate though I would imagine they are the same. If you haven't purchased a clutch yet I would do a search on here first. There has been a lot of discussion on what clutches people are running over the years. I use the RAM Powergrip clutch myself and am very happy with it so far. Good luck.

Brian Leavitt
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I would use the 9.25 TC pressure plate and clutch.

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The 83-86 clutches differ from the 87-88 only in diameter, to my understanding. You can probably use either, but I'd go with the bigger one, as Dan noted above.
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money is definatly an issue just need something to get me going for the time being... autozone list the clutch kit part number NU31051 as the 8-7/8" clutch set as long as the outer diameter and inner diameter matches it should work?
1988 T-Bird TC auto, all stock

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