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Clutch kits from Summit Racing
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This info was compiled by Mike Pinto (AerobirdMotorsports):
Quote:Just for reference, the following are part numbers and prices from Summit Racing:

Centerforce Dual-Friction I KIT
P/N CTF-DF228035 (10 spline, 9.06" diameter)

Centerforce Dual-Friction I DISC ONLY
P/N CTF-281228

Centerforce Dual-Friction I Pressure Plate ONLY
P/N CTF-CF360035

Centerforce Dual-Friction II Pressure Plate ONLY
P/N CTF-CFT360035 (step-up in PP)

Centerforce Throw-Out Bearing ONLY
P/N CTF-N1714

RAM Premium Replacement KIT
P/N RAM-88618 (10 spline, 9.25" diameter)

RAM Powergrip KIT (Stage II)
P/N RAM-98618 (10 spline, 9.25" diameter)

RAM Powergrip HD KIT (6-puck SIII)
P/N RAM-98794HD (10-spline, 10.5" diameter)
(Note, I have this one in my TC, 10,000 miles of excellence so far!)

RAM Throw-Out Bearing ONLY
P/N RAM-501

RAM Pilot Bushing ONLY

ZOOM Replacement Clutch KIT
P/N ZZZ-MU47827-1 (Really good 100% stock replacement)

There's quite a few "larger" diameter RAM and Centerforce disc/PP combos that will work. As long as it's a Ford bolt pattern, 1 1/16" input shaft, 10-spline, it will work. Provided of course that it fits in the bellhousing and you match a flywheel (stock can go out to 10.5" if you turn it).

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