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clutch, and stuff uuuhhhh
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i was driving my tc that has been on the road for about 5 mouths. i was running her to a point because my tcs speedo and tach and some other things arnt working due to im guessing a fried wire. but any way felt kinda lagy. so i tested it and looked for vacuum leaks and turned out it was getting worse. i discovered driving it more was the old beat up clutch that i learned to drive on is almost gone. i was cruising and can to a hill and tore up the clutch even more, are top speed limping home was 45 MPH from seaford De.. i need to change the clutch soon because i need to get my wiring crap finished and it will be a perfect running car what clutch should i put in, part numbers would be welcomed. i have a K&N filter and a 3' stinger exhaust. so does that change up the game lol
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ummm.... what?
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What type of clutch you put in it should depend on how far you are going to mod it and how you plan to drive it. There are lot of good clutches out there.
Remember that at a minimum you need to resurface or replace the flywheel and you should also replace the pilot bearing
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id say get yourself atleast a nice stage1 clutch/pressure plate from somone like stinger. Better to go a little bigger then your needs then wait till later and be on the side of a road saying WTF didnt i just get a better cltuch.
As for your flywheel since its a street car i wouldnt worry about a lightened flywheel id just get yours resurfaced and then put it all back together.
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for a lightly modified/mostly stock TC, its hard to beat ZOOM from NAPA.
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Tampa Clutch Supply.
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Hey there Sean:

I'll take a look at your car but we'll have to try to do it during the week. Weekends are bike racing, bike maintenance and sailing, which leaves little time to toy with the Bird.

--Lars S. Mulford
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thats cool Lars ill try to set up a time, i plan to modify the tc pretty well hopefully 375 HP at the crank. so i want some thing that will hold, i herd about Kevlar clutch's, are they any good??? do they sell them for our cars?? lol
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