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clutch adjustment??
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I have a 1986 turbocoupe and just put in a new clutch kit. The clutch is still releasing near the bottom.Dont these have the automatic adjustement quaderant? Any help would be great.
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Yes they do, just like the Mustangs from the same era. Grab pedal and lift it up (toward you) as far as it will go and let it back down. That will adjust the quadrant if it is working right.
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Yea i thought it had the same as the mustang.I did do that but the clutch is still releasing just off the floor.I was looking and i came across some posting that said the dog bone might be stretched out? Can the main cable be stretched out as well?? Will a new aftermarket cable and quaderant from a 5.0 mustang work?
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did you have the flywheel cut? it may be cut too much and cuasing this. i have the same issue with mine. i got a firewall adjuster and adjusted it out. its about have way now. but im running a stage 3 spec and its either off or on.
yes the parts from a 5.0 mustang will work.
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