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clear corners??
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where can i find them
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You cant. You have to make them.
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Cut lens off reflector with a cutoff wheel in a Dremmel. Pop out the orange diffuser, and use RTV to glue / seal the lens and reflector back together. Buff out the inside of the lens while you have it apart.
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sounds like some fun, thanks
87 turbocoupe - sold
88 turbocoupe - sold

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I did that to mine last month. But I really need to clean the lights up front. They are bad.
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i stuck a screwdriver in the light, and broke the orange reflector. when it broke in half, it fell off where it was glued. then i broke it into pieces small enough to fall out of the casing. took a bit more time, but saved me from having to reglue them, which doesnt last very long in AZ.

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