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Cleaned, washed, buffed, AND waxed both cars today!
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This was by far the most productive (automotive-wise) 3-day weekend ever. On Friday morning neither of my cars even moved (Layla had a blown turbo hose and the Stitch had no v-belts). Fast-forward to right now. Stitch got new hardware holding on the front mudflaps and fender flares, new v-belts, engine compartment detail, floormats, and the bed cleaned out. Layla got a new turbo coolant return hose, ALOT of tuning, timing adjust (and I bought a new timing light!), and engine compartment detail. Then today I vacuumed, cleaned, washed, buffed, AND waxed BOTH of them. I'm suprised I can type because my arms are vibrating so badly. Man do they look GOOD. And run well too! And Tuesday Stitch's new radio arrives! (Alpine 180W, MP3/CD-RW. from Crutchfield) Here's some pics for your enjoyment Wink

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When i had my stock paint job I used meguirs (spelling?) three step wax. Theres a stripper, a polish, and a wax. It looked amazing when i was done. Took a long time to do though.
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Zaino is the best stuff out there, but I'm still finishing off my old stuff. I have a porfessional buffer that I use and I go through terry cloth towels, applicators, and lint-free's quite quickly. I use Meguire's car wash, but I always start with cleaning the door/trunk/hood jambs by hand. Then I clean the interior with a Woolite mix (1-2 capfulls in a spray bottle of water) and vacuum. The I do the wheels (scrubbing with various brushes and Fast Orange). After I wash I use an Absorber synthetic shammy to dry and then I get to polishing. I use some Turtle Wax Pro-polish or Meguire's detail polish (depending on how dirty car was) followed by the Meguire's 3-step Caranuba wax, both with the buffer. The tires come next with some Black Magic dressing (I use the foam applicator), then the wheels get Mother's Mag Polish, and finally the black rubber gets Mother's Back-to-Black. It's a long and very rewarding process.

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I Used to use Liquid Glass on my '87 Tbrid.. it was the best thing out there since sliced bread to bring a high gloss to a black paint job.. anyone still use this? or is there better? (Considering now that I have a red car... guess it's trial and error for that.)
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The Stoner company makes some excelent cleaning products. Their "Invisible Glass" Cleaner is the best damn glass cleaner that i have ever used. I smoke in my TC, so there is a film that builds up on the inside windows. That stuff takes it right off, no hassle. Its also Amonia free, so it wont hurt any tint that is on the witndows. I still beleive that caranuba wax is the best stuff to use on a black car.... especially the meguires gold class paste. Stay away from synthetics......
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Wow. those are shiney. I can actually see my reflection in those last two pictures. hmmm...I always thought I was better looking than that. Big Grin
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There's some sort of ugly blemish in those last 2, I think you missed a spot.
Sold it Sad*

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That's the guy that breaks all my stuff... Big Grin

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