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cleaned the lenses headlights still dim
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well like i said i cleaned the lenses with the 3m stuff, it helped alot but my headlights are still dim, i looked at my parts car and the headlights have been rewired on it. any ideas ? thanks Guy
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might be time for a new voltage regulator and altinator. i noticed a difference in my mustang when i switched altinators.
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it could be because the chrome plating inside the light is worn to nothing, happend to me on my headlights and inner triangles. pop off the lenses aqnd use some discount auto chrome coating to re paint the inside. dont paint the area where the plastics glue together.

look inside you headlight and see if it looks chrome or white, if its white, you need to re coat them. turbo.
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This is the one I was looking for:
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One thing I wondered is has anyone tried using 9007 bulbs. I bought some once by accident and noticed they are the same except for the high beam and low beam wire are reversed. They supposedly have a higher lumen rating then 9004. I just never got to jacking around with the wiring to try them out.

My sport didn't have much of the reflective coating left I tried painting with just some metallic spray paint. Didn't help much... Just ended up always using my brights, never got flashed once.

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ok thanks for the replies , can i upgrade to a brighter bulb without having to rewire the lights ? or will it strain the switch ?
88 silver t.c100,000 just did an engine and t5 swap

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thanks for the links Pete!!!!
88 silver t.c100,000 just did an engine and t5 swap

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9007 qwil worjk isued them for a few months in ym blue car. BUT! i set p relays for the higha low beams, to aviod any possibiltities of fire or over heatign the switch, my dumbass used 16g speaker wire (intentiosn were good, thought wasnt) so i burned a few wires until i used 12g wire and was fine up until it was parked after its accident. hoerp this helps soem
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I would just buy new lights but wait, we can't (I AM working on that...). So until then, rewire the lights using the article here in the Tech Section so as to not burn out the bulbs/switch. Then buy the SilverStar bulbs, pricey at $25 each, but worth it. Make sure your foglights work. If you still can't see adequately it time to go whole hog, disassemble a set of headlights, pay Pete or a Professional body shop to buff the lenses, and send the plastic buckets out to get chrome plated (painting doesn't actually help, not enough reflective characteristics), reassemble and voila, brand new almost HID quality lights. Oh and the 9007 myth... My SHO uses 9007s, my Sylvania rep told me they were the same (I looked on the packaging, wich was also the same), if you want brighter light without going the $25 a pop SilverStar's, by their "XV" series, those bulbs rate higher (9004XV is the TC's part #). I use these in all 4 current TC's and they're nice. They are noticably brighter and so far seem to last longer as well.

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if any of you guys are interested.. i use a special airbrush paint that looks just like chrome.. willing to paint em for yah if needed.. Thanks.. Ronnie.
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