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Check out my new rims on my 1984 Bird
gmct94 Offline
I got some new rims for my bird, and wanted to see what everyone thinks of them. They're Weld Rod Lites. Take a look and let me know. Here's a link:

bang4thebuck Offline
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Looks tough!
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vinnietbird Offline
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Sweeet.I like the vent windows too.You hardly ever see those on the Birds.Great looking car.
1988 Thunderbird. No details will be given or spoken of.

natmac3 Offline
That's a good look for you.
Looks grumpy.

Keep'em clean!


riisitas Offline
Looks good!
1988 TC 5 Speed Stock

boosted chicken Offline
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You know, I have always preferred the Pro Stars to the Rod Lites but for some reason the Rod Lite just looks right on a Bird.
I borrowed a set of Rod Lites awhile back (big n littles) and put them on my 88TC and was impressed enough that I told the owner that I was interested in buying them when he steps up to some Billet Specialty wheels later this year.
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gmct94 Offline
Thanks for the compliments fellas. You know, we put on one tire at a time, starting with the passenger rear, and when I saw the first.....I didn't think I would like them. But after getting the set on, they really began to grow on me! I am really hoping to have a new paint job by summer. That should help a lot.

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The sweetness with these rims on a Tbird for me comes from my fav. drag car / driver: Bob Glidden's Tbird. If I wasn't going for a stock/sleeper combo those are the rims I'd get. There's nothin' sleeper about those. Grumpy, mean, tough look.
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What are the specs on the wheels and tires, width, backspace, tire size? They look Bad A!!.
88 TC 5spd purchased 11/08 from original owner. Just trying to get her running again after sitting 10 years. FOR NOW!!!

gmct94 Offline
The rims are 15", and the tires are P225/60R15 front and P255/60R15 rear. I am having problems, especially on the right rear with the tires scrubbing when I hit dips in the road. I know the shocks need replacing, so I actually ordered some about an hour ago from O'Reillys, and am gonna change those out in the morning. I hope that stops it, cause it's starting to leave marks around the tires. If not, I'm gonna take them off before they are ruined.

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